Today is October 21, 2018. We are dealing with 2 deals, 1 at $455,000 and 1 at $500,00.

Buyers are getting quite strange, taking a long time to make a decision. Not sure if they are going to go through with the purchase or not.

Here is a quote from Catherine Ponder; One must gain an inner feeling of abundance before they can experience outer wealth permanently.

NAREB – 2nd Annual Luxury Series – Opening the Doors to the Changing Game of Luxury Real Estate.

Summerlin New Home Sales

McDonald Highlands Luxury

July 2018 trip to Lake Tahoe

The beginning Blog for The Spaulding Team. After working on this blog for several weeks I think I am starting to understand it.

Paul Spaulding

Paul Spaulding

Team Leader

With 25 years experience selling high end Resort properties in Incline Village, Nevada, my wife and I relocated to Henderson. It was quite a culture shock and a huge learning curve for both of us. We are asked "Why did you leave Incline Village?"

Karen Spaulding

Co-Team Leader