I have been told that the available inventory slows down during the holidays. Nov – Mid Feb. It also effects sales. I have noticed it more htis year than any other.

I listed this nice little 2 bedroom condo in Green Valley on the 8th of January. On the market for 1 week and reduced the price $5,000. It is now $169,900. No showings as of 1.21.19. I expect the market to pick up mid February. But what it looks like is the ones that sell during Dec and Jan have to be priced very aggressively in order to sell.

According to the stats I just pulled, there have been 225 condos go into contract this year, priced from $55,000-$470,000.

Here it is, 1.26.19. The market has started perking up. We had 2-3 showings on this condo this week. We have another 1 story home in Anthem Highlands, had 5 showings today! So the first 3 weeks of Jan are super slow.
I show 591 properties in escrow as of today.

1.30.19, Still no offers on this little condo. Market perks up, then drops off again. Interesting stuff. I am running FB ads daily. Decided to target Santa Clara. No interest. I am going to change it again to Henderson area, maybe target renters (if that is part of the demographics) . Joined a Darren Hardy Training today, about time. I will keep an update on my accomplishments as they happen. I did however get a referral today that wants to sell and buy. And my son and daughter-in-law are at the hospital. They are having triplets! OH MY!!!

January 30, 2019 our new triplets are born at 6:30pm. Darren Hardy guaranteed success in this program, I have a feeling this one will work.